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Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone


Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone attracts business with incentives such as its prime location, strong regulatory framework and, leasing proposition creating a nexus point for global businesses and decision makers to meet, collaborate and engage


Defamation Law in Dubai and UAE



Defamation is the demonstration of conveying false explanations about a man that can hurt his/her reputation. Defamation is a mind-boggling law as demonstrating that the individual’s notoriety is harmed is troublesome on the grounds that notoriety is impalpable. There are two sorts of defamation known to law; Slander and Libel. Defamation was appropriated into two classes previously the coming of present-day media. In the event that a defamatory proclamation is made in composing and distributed it is called slander. In the event that the defamatory proclamation is talked, it is called criticize. Imagine a scenario in which the defamatory explanation is made suddenly on live media. Can a man sue another for defamation if the notoriety is harmed?

In all nations, defamation law has dependably been mind boggling and many-sided. On one hand, a man is given the right to speak freely and to about their involvement in a honest way. Then again, a man should cease from putting forth any false expressions that could harm somebody’s character or notoriety. That is the place defamation law becomes an integral factor, where it endeavors to adjust the individual appropriate to ensure one’s notoriety all the while with general society ideal to the right to speak freely. Defamation law gives the privilege to a man to secure his/her notoriety and sue the individuals who say or distribute malevolent and false remarks.

defamation is a dinky subject as in this day and age where the right to speak freely is valued and invited then again individuals do have extremely solid sentiments about other individuals that they post on various channels. It is a troublesome zone of law to handle in this day and age as private figures are getting to be open. The live spilling isn’t just accessible to news channels now yet to each person who approaches online networking. It will be more defamation cases than the lawful framework could deal with if each malevolent explanation made was a region of defamation.

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قانون الإيجارات في إمارة الشارقة | إس تي إيه للمحاماة

إن العديد من الملاك يستغلون جهل المستأجرين بقانون حماية حماية الإيجار من الزيادة لمدة ثلالث سنوات و يضعون نصوص في عقود الإيجار كل سنة. زوروا موقعنا

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قانون الشارقة للإيجاراتقانون-الايجارات-في-الشارقة

إن الإيجارات المنخفضة في الشارقة شجعت الكثير من الأسر للسكن فيها، حيث يمكن للشخص الحصول على شقة بغرفتين بسعر مساوي لسعر استوديو في دبي. على الرغم من ذلك فإن العديد من الأسر غير ملمة بقوانين الإيجارات في الشارقة، لمعرفة المزيد …

Overview of Business Setup in Bahrain – STA Law Firm

Free Zones in Bahrain is ranked as the best in the world as it is known to be an optimum business environment for international companies to do business from and in

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Overview of Business Setup in Bahrain – STA Law Firm


Bahrain is a small country in the Middle East, though, in terms of business, it certainly punches above its weight. One of the first Middle Eastern countries to diversify away from oil, a smart decision made early on has led to one of the top business hubs in the world. Top law firms in Dubai| Business setup in Dubai| Company formation in Dubai

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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi – STA Law Firm

In this FAQ article, STA’s team of lawyers in Abu Dhabi discuss key questions on company formation in Abu Dhabi and in particular in one of free zone

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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi – STA Law Firm 


STA Law Firm | Lawyers in Dubai | Top Law Firms in Abu Dhabi | UAE’s insight: What laws established this Free Zone? what are the principal internal regulations governing thus Free Zone?

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Vessel Arrest


Vessel arrest or the Ship arrest is a familiarize term in between the experts work in relation to maritime. The place where the country is located on the world map is a nature’s gift. That gift can provide you many advantages. One of the main advantages is the opportunity of trading through the Sea. The UAE is located in the right place of the middle is where the attraction of the ports and the sea-trading catch the eyes of the maritime in the Gulf.

There are many national and international law governs a maritime in a country. The reason for the involvement of the international law is required because the vessels will be travelling from one country to another countries border. In which the vessel owners may get confused about the applicable law if the vessel is standing in another countries port when a dispute arises. Similarly, the applicable law’s confusion may arise if a dispute arose when the ship is in the middle of the Sea. Therefore, it is very important that law specific guidelines provided by the law on when to apply which law and how to do so. Vessel arrest is another area of maritime where the law plays a huge role as well.
According to the UAE law, the competent court where the vessel was arrested has the jurisdiction to hear the case. The law set out provisions of the procedure for this matter. Firstly, an application must be submitted stating the dispute in maritime and the details of the outstanding debt.

On the other hand, in some emirates, the court requires the requesting party to provide a bank security including the payment of the damage occurred to the vessel owner if the arrest was wrong. Which brings the play of risk in the application as the party to the application must be sure about the arrest. Similarly, they must be having a security to pay back if the arrest is wrongful.

Another major procedure on vessel arrest in the UAE is the requirement of notarization attested and the power of attorney when the execution happened in outside UAE. Further, in the arrival of the vessel, it must be further authenticated to Arabic. The lengthy process makes some of the vessel arrests in the UAE complicated. However, all the maritime disputes require an urgent response and the vessels cannot be kept on the sea for a long time or can the arrest process take a long time. Therefore, UAE also has introduced allot of regulations to quick the process and also have proposals to keep improving as well. Read more to learn

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قانون المسؤولية الطبية الجديد في دولة الإمارات | إس تي إيه للمحاماة

من الناحية القانونية، يمكن للمريض رفع دعوى ضد الطبيب أو ممارس الرعاية الصحية إذا كان الخطأ قد أدى إلى إصابته أو أدى للوفاة بسبب إهماله بعد إثباته لعدة أمور، لدينا في مكتب إس تي إيه للمحاماة محامين ملمين في قانون المسؤولية الطبية لتقديم المشورة و المساعدة، زوروا موقعنا

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قانون المسؤولية الطبية الجديدقانون-المسؤولية-الطبية-الجديد

يسعى الناس للحصول على مساعدة من المهنيين بهدف الحصول على مشورة الخبراء بشأن المسائل التي تتجاوز كفائتهم أو خبراتهم، و كذلك المرضى فهم يعتمدون على الأطباء فيما يتعلق بصحتهم، و لكن قد يقترف هؤلاء الأطباء بعض الأخطاء أثناء ممارستهم لمهنتهم، لمعرفة المزيد…

Liquidation of Limited Liability Companies

STA is a full-service law firm which provides both corporate and litigation legal advice. Contact us today to speak to our experts. STA law firm|Dubai |sharjah|UAE

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Liquidation of Limited Liability Companies- STA Law Firm


Exchanging one’s organization is not an easy choice to make. In any case, once the choice to exchange one’s organization has been taken, those accountable for those organizations are qualified for comprehending the procedure through which their advantages can be sold, to the best and productive degree conceivable. Liquidation of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in the UAE is directed by Federal Law Number 2 of 2015 (Companies Law). At the point when a LLC can’t pay its responsibilities, it must end the operations and sell its advantages to make its duty. 


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Company Formation in Iraq


If you are planning to incorporate a company in Iraq, you must go through this article which has all the relevant information you are looking for. STA Law Firm| Abu Dhabi| Dubai | Sharjah| RAK | World Wide

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Company Formation in Canada | Company Incorporation in Canada | Experts at Austria Business Registration, Corporate Bank Account Opening, Legal Services and Tax | Offices across Middle East, Asia, and Europe | Lawyers in Dubai

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Are you a non-Canadian who has an established business in your own country and would like to start a business in Canada? Or are you a non-Canadian who would like to open a company in Canada? Then this article is for you.