Vessel Arrest – Overview of Dubai and UAE Laws – STA Law Firm

What is the Law governing Vessel Arrest in UAE? What are the legal provisions for Vessel arrest? Arrest of Sister Vessel & More!

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Vessel Arrest

Vessel arrest is the way of security in maritime transactions. Get to know more about UAE’s maritime code and how our top maritime lawyers in Dubai are capable of efficiently handling every element of maritime law. #law #lawyers

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Selecting The Best Dubai Lawyer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choosing an attorney for a business transaction or a legal defense can seem like a challenging task. However, by approaching the choice as a process of learning as much as you can about the attorney and the firm, finding a Dubai lawyer to provide the best representation in your case will be a simple, straightforward process.

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Гостиничный бизнес – СТА – ведущая юридическая компания в Дубае с офисами по всему миру

STA предоставляет экспертное юридическое мнение в вопросах гостиничного бизнеса, авиации, организации наземных вопросов и вопросов гражданской авиации.

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Гостиничный Бизнес

Наши юристы имеют опыт во многих областях индустрии гостеприимства. Наша команда представляет компании в таких вопросах как въездной и выездной туризм, недвижимость, гостиницы, клубы, рестораны и бары и другие области гостеприимства по всем странам Персидского Залива.

Dubai Data Law: Let’s share! | Lexology

For bespoke legal advice covering domestic and international laws, treaties and guides. Get in touch with our Lawyers in Dubai, Lawyers in Abu Dhabi and lawyers in UAE.

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Dubai Data Law

Dubai introduces the new ‘data law’ which allows the sharing of information between public sectors and for the benefit of the private sector. To understand the concomitants of such a move consult with our top corporate lawyers in Dubai and the UAE. Continue reading

Travel ban vs. Deportation order – UAE Criminal Laws – STA Law Firm

Bespoke article contributed by STA’s criminal lawyers in Dubai covering travel ban, deportation, and extradition law in UAE

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Travel ban vs. Deportation order

In Dubai’s booming economy, anyone can take part provided there is no travel ban. Find out more about UAE’s travel ban and how the best lawyers in Dubai can help you with it. #law #lawyers

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UAE Insurance Law – Detailed Overview – STA Law Firm

Federal Overview of UAE Insurance Laws by STA’s team of Lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Articles covers varied forms of insurance including Takaful and more.

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UAE Insurance Law

Be prepared for the unexpected. Know more about the UAE insurance law and how our top corporate lawyers in Dubai are capable of efficiently handling every element of an insurance. #law #lawyers

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How to Find Top Best Lawyers in Dubai for Legal Representation

Both businesses, as well as private individuals, may find they have a need for an experienced attorney. Businesses will typically use attorneys for intellectual property, labor, employment, contracts, corporate insolvency and bankruptcy and other types of issues.

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Trade Finance – Letter of Credit in UAE Context | Lexology

Home to the top banking lawyers in Dubai & the UAE. Our legal skills & expertise encompass a broad range of financial and banking cases

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Letter of Credit in UAE

Documentary credit could not function if the buyer and seller lacked confidence that the banks would honor their obligations irrespective of their instructions thereby making principle of autonomy the most significant practice serving as lifeblood for international trade. Consult with our top banking lawyers to learn more about this matter

Foreign direct investment in india – STA Law Firm

Foreign Direct Investment in India – The tax regulations in India, Reserve Bank guidelines followed by several court decisions have played a major role in the establishment of the above predicament for investment flow from UAE.

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Foreign Direct Investment in India

An important key to investing is remembering that stocks are not lottery tickets. Get to know the inner workings of  the India-UAE DTAA and how our top corporate lawyers in Dubai are capable of efficiently handling every element of an investment. #law #lawyers

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Environment: A Bane in Vain – STA Law Firm

Domestic statutes and international conventions are being enacted in order to minimize the lethal effects of our past delinquencies towards the environment, which has presented itself in the form of Global Warming. STA Law Firm is home to the best environmental lawyers in Dubai & the UAE. Our legal skill & expertise encompass a broad range of environmental issues

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Environment Protection Laws

We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthy environment. Find out the impact of financial resources and economic on environmental law. Consult with our top environmental lawyers here in the UAE. #law #lawyers .

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