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Sherlock Holmes of Today – Role of Forensics In Criminal Investigations In The UAE


“Fingerprints cannot lie, but liars can make fingerprints. Jekyll’s finger patterns remain the same when he transforms himself into Hyde”….Henry Faulds
The unconscious human will step, touch and leave a witness behind.This is the evidence that cannot be dismissed, cannot perjure itself or be swayed by emotions.Changes in forensic science have impacted not only the way in which cases are resolved but also what type of evidence can be analysed from a crime scene.For example,changes in DNA technology have allowed analysis of smaller samples and degraded samples such as cigarette butts or sweat from a tee-shirt, which otherwise might have been ignored.Because of the increased sensitivity of DNA analysis, Police Officer and Crime Scene Investigators must be aware of the potential for cross contamination adopt clean techniques when collecting and handling evidence.




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