Considerations When Selecting Lawyers In Dubai

One of the last issues that business owners or private individuals in Dubai think is that they will need the experience and expertise of an attorney due to a legal challenge. However, in all areas of business, the risk of facing some type of legal challenge from employment cases to intellectual property or corporate and commercial lawsuits are all very real in today’s business environment.

The best possible way for any business, company, corporation, individual or agency to avoid legal issues is to work proactively with experienced attorneys. Finding the best firm to most accurately represent your company should be a priority before any other aspect of a business startup is considered. For individuals, when there is a criminal charge or a legal dispute, working with the best possible legal representative will be a very important first consideration and step.

When there is a threat or concern to the business by a competitor, customer, supplier, client or employee, contacting an attorney specializing in representing your business interests will be essential. Involving the attorney from a reputable, experienced and specialized law firm can often help to resolve the issue without the need for costly litigation.

Additionally, it is also possible for an individual to find themselves in need of an attorney. This could be from criminal charges, a personal lawsuit or if there is a concern about the actions that may be taken against the individual.

Regardless of the nature of the legal issue, having the peace of mind in knowing your personal or business lawyer is able to provide the best possible representation is critical. Finding the best attorney starts with considering the possible options and choosing the best match for your legal needs.

Experience and Expertise

In many ways, the experience and expertise of top attorneys and law firms go hand in hand. However, some attorneys have expertise with limited practical or litigation experience while others may have experience in representing clients without being considered experts in any one practice area.

Do not assume that a well-known name in the legal field necessary represents expertise and experience in the area required. Take the time to review the information provided on the attorney or law firm website determine areas of practice specialization.

It is also possible to find out about an attorney or law firm in Dubai by reviewing feedback from clients. Often attorneys representing individuals and businesses will work with the clients over multiple legal issues. Feedback from the clients as to the attorney’s professionalism, success in representing the client and in the ability to communicate with the client, provides valuable insight into what you can anticipate through the process.

Specialized Areas of Practice

Not all international business law firms or firms offering legal services within Dubai and the UAE offer the same specialized areas of practice. In all types of cases, a specialized attorney with subject matter expertise is an asset to the case.

A general business attorney is not as effective in a banking and finance legal action as an attorney that specializes in that specific practice area. In large firms, it is not at all uncommon to have attorneys that practice only in one area of legal specialization.

These professionals are involved in cases on a local or an international level, allowing them to remain current with decisions of the court, specific policies and practices in the industry as well as changes in laws both in the United Arab Emirates as well as in international countries.

By working with these specialized attorneys from the start of the case you have the most current information and the best assessment of your legal options. Without this expertise and understanding of changes, it is possible for a client to be provided with outdated information, resulting in decisions made throughout the case that is not in their best interests.

Local or International Legal Issues

There many different attorneys and law firms in Dubai that provide local legal presentation within Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. There are fewer firms and attorneys with the ability to represent individuals or businesses with legal issues outside of the country.

When looking for an attorney for international representation, it will be essential to consider the reputation of the firm. These are often very complex types of cases with multiple jurisdictions and the possibility of lengthy legal battles over a wide range of aspects of the case.

By choosing a legal firm with a background in supporting businesses or individuals in international lawsuits and cases, many of the challenges can be anticipated and addressed by the attorneys quickly, proactively and efficiently. This will not only help to reduce the time it takes to pursue the legal matter, but it will also help to reduce the cost to the client.

Attorneys and law firms without international law experience, regardless of their expertise in representing people or businesses locally, are not recommended for these types of cases. While they may be highly qualified professionals, the lack of international law experience can result in complications and problems in the case, something that should always be considered.

Finally, by choosing a law firm and attorney with experience in international law matters, it is possible to find a professional with a familiarity with the courts, the members of the judiciary and the other attorneys and professionals involved in your case. This knowledge and understanding will work on your behalf in facilitating a settlement that may not require formal litigation to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

For local legal needs, the same level of skills and experience is a benefit to your case. By choosing a law firm and an attorney with experience in representing clients in litigation and dispute resolution outside of the court, there is a complete understanding of the process and options at each step.

Size of the Firm

Lawyers in Dubai, as well as around the world, provide services under various business models. Some are sole practice law firms with one attorney providing legal services for all clients.

This option provides one-on-one legal support for the client, which tends to include more direct communication during the case. For some clients, this is an important factor in selecting an attorney, but it can have its possible drawbacks, particularly in more complex and complicated legal matters.

Mid to large size law practices employ multiple attorneys at different levels within the firm. Most of these law firms will use a team approach to providing legal representation, which is especially important in complex cases where attorneys with specific subject matter expertise or areas of legal specialization are brought in to address certain aspects of representation.

Having multiple attorneys, legal staff and legal assistance in a case will be critical in most aspects of business law. These cases are often too challenging for the sole practitioner or the small legal firm to handle based on sheer volume of case material.

When choosing a large sized law firm, it will be important to find out how much interaction you will have as the client with the attorney or attorneys on your case. In some situations, it may be necessary for the in-house legal representative of the business to work closely with the outside firm in gathering data, providing information and fully developing the case.


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