An Overview on Financial Crimes

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stock market - financeThe global financial sector experienced a major jolt in the last decade. One that most finance pundits said would be difficult to recover from. Almost a decade after the Great Recession of 2008 (and some wealthy people of the past decade spending time behind the bars), here we are! The colossal number of major and minor scams, financial frauds and crimes have cost many their wealth; and it has cost some their life itself.

When major international banks and financial institutions began to fail, this caused widespread chaos. Some even referred to this as the end of the modern corporate world and financial sector (as a whole) due to the dependence of companies and individuals on the players in the financial sectors. Many (so-called complex) terms such as CDOs (or collateral debt obligations) came to the public’s knowledge during this time.

But, the governments and financial…

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