Cyber Crimes – The War of the 21st Century!

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shutterstock_296458028We do not have to tell you how much the information technology sector has advanced in the past decade. Did anyone think about Facebook, WhatsApp or smart phones back in the 90s? World was a different place then.

Now, everything, from major corporate decisions to birthday wishes is arranged on social networks and smart devices. Everyone, from large multinational companies to domestic investors with smart offices and hot desks have succumbed to this evolution. The growth of technology boasted easy access to people, a higher degree of security and many other features that were previously unthinkable. However, there is something that we failed to comprehend all this time – ‎Cyber Crimes. The main issue that arises with cyber crime is the predicament of determining the jurisdiction in which a case is filed. This is because of the absence of the physical presence of cyberspace and a court’s jurisdiction in a…

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