Construction Law – FIDIC & ENAA Compared – STA Law Firm

The construction industry has witnessed the development of various form of contracts including, FIDIC, JCT, ICE, etc Article by Construction Lawyers in UAE

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In the complex and technical world of construction and large manufacturing projects, the contracts and negotiations on the terms of an agreement between the parties are a means to keep the complex relation of parties within the bounds of clear understanding by utilising a standard form of contract. The industry has seen the development of a various standard form of contract including, FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils), JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal), ENAA (Engineering Advancement Association of Japan), ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers), etc. This list is not exhaustive but only indicative as there are numerous standard forms. STA’s team of construction lawyers in UAE will discuss the standard form of contract produced by FIDIC and ENAA. 


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