Knowing your Legal Rights: Property Laws in Dubai

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Knowing your Legal Rights: Property Laws in Dubai

shutterstock_98973857 (1) [Converted]International investors continue to rush into buying properties in Dubai as the city makes their dreams come true. Besides excellent returns on the investment, Dubai’s real estate market has a lot to offer. State of the art infrastructure, gated communities, simple formalities, and relaxed laws and regulations benefit every buyer and seller involved in property sale and purchase transaction. Dubai’s Land Department, RERA and other bodies have also been quite instrumental in implementing and amending Dubai’s Real Estate Laws. There is also a shift in investors approach to buying properties. Investors are now exercising a higher degree of caution by contacting Dubai property lawyers, and real estate lawyer Dubai to seek their advice, opinions, and due diligence, escrow arrangements including title check services.

Speaking of laws and regulations, international buyers often approach Dubai Lawyers to understand the procedures, type of contracts…

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