How to Find Top Best Lawyers in Dubai for Legal Representation

Both businesses, as well as private individuals, may find they have a need for an experienced attorney. Businesses will typically use attorneys for intellectual property, labor, employment, contracts, corporate insolvency and bankruptcy and other types of issues.

Individuals may find the need for an attorney when they are faced with criminal charges. As these are very serious cases where the top best lawyers is a must for the job, taking the time to find legal representation with expertise, training, experience as well as the resources to provide to legal counsel is a must.

There are several ways to determine the qualifications and overall professionalism of any attorney. A qualified lawyer will represent your best interests in the matter at hand, so having someone you trust and have full confidence in will always be an essential consideration.

It is important to realize that the top best lawyer in Dubai for your specific case is not always an attorney you have used in the past. For example, if a business used a particular attorney and law firm, for employment and labor case that that was successfully settled, that was the best lawyer for that legal issue.

At the same time, that same company may have a case where a copyright infringement has occurred, and they need legal representation. The attorney who provided the top services for the employment case is not necessarily the best attorney for this intellectual property case.

The exception to that statement occurs in larger firms where there are teams of attorneys specializing in various areas of the law. It is not uncommon for these large firms to provide business, corporate as well as personal representation. They also tend to attract some of the top attorneys, which is certainly worth consideration.

Ask Trusted Sources

For most people, including CEOs and COOs as well as boards and other governing bodies for a company, the best referral is one that comes from a trusted source. While online reviews and testimonials can be insightful, they are also given as much weight as a referral from a colleague, a business associate or even from a business association.

Most of the top lawyers representing businesses have been established in Dubai for years. They have worked as representatives and legal counsel for top companies both in the UAE as well as internationally. Many of these prestigious law firms have international offices and teams of attorneys that specialize in legal matters specific to the countries where they practice.

While it is never advisable to talk about the specifics of a case, turning to trusted sources to as for a recommendation to a qualified and experienced law firm is a good option. It is also important not to assume in-house legal counsel has the ability or the expertise to represent the company in all matters.

Search Online

Online searches are a very good option as they can provide information on companies throughout the UAE and Dubai all from the comfort of your home or office. To find the best companies, it is critical not to limit your search to local attorneys, but to consider all attorney and then start to narrow down the list.

When completing online searches, take the time to also check out forums, feedback sites and comments about the law firm or specific attorney. Many lawyers in Dubai now provide blogs and other informational materials that can be helpful to review.

Providing this type of information in an organized, clear and precise form to help people understand the law is a sign of a law firm with the client’s best interests at heart. This is also a good way to assess the expertise of the writer and to help to select a top attorney.

Expertise and Experience

As mentioned above, there will be different areas of specialization for a law firm. Take the time to delve a little further into online research, verifying the time the firm has been in business in Dubai and the types of cases they have handled.

It is also possible to ask for a reference from any law firm you are considering. This should be a business in Dubai that had a similar type of legal situation that the firm or attorney provided representation.

You will not be provided specifics of the case, but this can be helpful in talking to a past client and asking about the general experience of working with the firm. The best lawyers will be described as knowledgeable, expert, informative, helpful and professional in their actions and their communication. Other words used to describe top attorney include ethical, creative, problem-solver and client-focused.

For creativity and flexibility in dispute resolution or in presenting a case, look for a law firm with a wide base of specialization and legal experience in different areas of the world. This allows the team is working on your case to access colleagues and professionals or even subject matter experts as needed.

Having a network of attorneys that also specialize in the same field of practice is often not considered as an important factor, but it can be a large consideration. Talking to the company and discussing how they will represent you, the experts they will consult, and the experience they draw on is a good way to see if the attorney is the right match.

Ability to Litigate or To Resolve Conflicts Without Litigation

While many cases in civil court will not see litigation, it is important to have an attorney and law firm with the ability to provide services through the court. Too often companies and individuals choose a firm or an attorney without litigation ability only to find out negotiation and arbitration fails.

As this happens in some cases, the best attorney is one with the ability to appear before the court. This prevents the need to start over in finding an attorney and preparing for court, which can add time and cost to your legal matter.

Dispute resolution in alternative forms to litigation is becoming more commonplace in Dubai as well as the other Emirates. The benefits of avoiding litigation are well worth considering either through direct negotiation with the other part, by mediation or through arbitration.

The best attorneys, particularly for complex cases, are those that have experience in all three dispute resolution options. Often by using mediation, particularly with contractual issues or disputes between two businesses or businesses and consumers, the issue can be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties without the need to appear in court.

With this option, the discussion is confidential between the parties, as is the outcome. It is also a way to help to begin rebuilding the working relationship between the two or more parties, which is often an important consideration that would not likely occur if the case was settled in arbitration or in court where one side may feel they won and the other side feels they lost.

As a final note, the more complex the case is, the more that resources within the law firm will become a factor to consider. Larger firms have the attorneys and support staff to provide legal reputation in multiple large cases at the same time without exhausting resources or resorting to prioritizing clients. For large, international or complex business law cases, the best attorney in Dubai is typical with a top international law firm. Visit the website for more information.


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