The Quietest of Booms – Whistleblowing

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Whistle-blowing is the practice of releasing confidential documents to expose an unlawful or unethical behavior undertaken by an individual, group of individuals, corporation, or government. We’ve all heard of the infamous cases. Those who leak political documents often end up ostracized, imprisoned, or otherwise sought after or exiled. At the very least, public opinion on those individuals is torn. Some believe that the information released by whistleblowers is essential if it protects the public interest. Others see the act of whistleblowing as an act which violates confidentiality and therefore is wrong. Read more about this and much more with our team of top lawyers in UAE in our article entitled Whistle-Blowing – A Silent Noise.

The prevailing thought about whistleblowers is that they are simply releasing confidential information on a whim, without taking into account the steps taken to reach that point. Did that person try to address that issue…

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