What’s the deal with DIFC Courts?

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The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is located in the heart of Dubai. Close to the city’s downtown area, it is considered one of the most prosperous areas in one of the most prosperous nations. Big business, big bucks, and high-end food. The DIFC has made a name for itself since beginning operations in 2004. In 2006, the DIFC established its own court system which was able to hear cases from companies set up in the DIFC. However, since 2011, the courts have opened themselves up to hearing cases from persons and businesses outside the DIFC. So I’m sure you know something about the DIFC Courts, but you’re not quite sure how they work. Keep reading to learn more about DIFC Property Law.

The DIFC Court is a common law court system; that is to say, it practices English law and runs from the DIFC in Dubai. What makes…

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