Summary Proceedings in the UAE

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1041794-fabaa-1454794822-726-640x480Have you noticed the general reluctance of the public to initiate a legal proceeding when they have been wronged? What is their reason? The massive legal expenses that they think would occur in the process? Or the time period that they have to wait to obtain a judgment on their matter? The judicial systems of governments around the globe has taken various initiatives over the last few decades to initiate prompt adjudication of cases. In some countries, they have set up separate courts that deal in minor matters and increased the number of courts to enhance their effectiveness. However, this has not completely removed the fear of the public that their matter might be prolonged for a long time. Justice delayed is justice denied. Summary jurisdiction is assumed by the summary courts in numerous matters in construction industry, property infringement etc.
In the United Arab Emirates, there are no…

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The Challenges Of Debt Collection In Dubai

In any country around the world, there is always an issue with debts, particularly in business to business (B2B) transactions. In a rapidly growing part of the world like Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates, this problem can be more challenging as there is a continual stream of businesses moving into the area, many establishing themselves in the free trade zones.

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