Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs or SPCs) in the Middle East

pecial Purpose Companies or Special Purpose Vehicles (the SPCs or SPVs) are temporary companies set up to achieve a precisely structured financial operation. SPCs provide an alternative mode of financing transactions. Put simply, they are subsidiary companies of a parent company, whose assets are protected from the actions of the parent company. In short, they limit financial risk to the property of the SPC. Learn more on SPVs in the Middle East from STA’s team of Lawyers in Dubai

Selecting The Best Dubai Lawyer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choosing an attorney for a business transaction or a legal defense can seem like a challenging task. However, by approaching the choice as a process of learning as much as you can about the attorney and the firm, finding a Dubai lawyer to provide the best representation in your case will be a simple, straightforward process.

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How to Find Top Best Lawyers in Dubai for Legal Representation

Both businesses, as well as private individuals, may find they have a need for an experienced attorney. Businesses will typically use attorneys for intellectual property, labor, employment, contracts, corporate insolvency and bankruptcy and other types of issues.

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Summary Proceedings in the UAE

Lawyers in UAE - STA Law Firm

1041794-fabaa-1454794822-726-640x480Have you noticed the general reluctance of the public to initiate a legal proceeding when they have been wronged? What is their reason? The massive legal expenses that they think would occur in the process? Or the time period that they have to wait to obtain a judgment on their matter? The judicial systems of governments around the globe has taken various initiatives over the last few decades to initiate prompt adjudication of cases. In some countries, they have set up separate courts that deal in minor matters and increased the number of courts to enhance their effectiveness. However, this has not completely removed the fear of the public that their matter might be prolonged for a long time. Justice delayed is justice denied. Summary jurisdiction is assumed by the summary courts in numerous matters in construction industry, property infringement etc.
In the United Arab Emirates, there are no…

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Value Creation Through Mergers and Acquisitions – STA Law Firm

The word ‘efficiency’ may not mean lot for those absent during economics class. How effective M&A links to value creation. Corporate Lawyers in Dubai Corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Corporate lawyers in UAE

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Prenup to every M&A



Ever wonder how huge mergers are so profitable? Get to know the inner workings of how these enterprises make their money and how our top corporate lawyers in Dubai are capable of efficiently handling every element of a merger. #law #lawyers

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Piercing the Corporate Veil | Lexology

STA Law Firm is home to the best corporate lawyers in Dubai & the UAE. Our legal skill & expertise encompass a broad range of corporate charges.

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STA Law Firm





For competent legal counsel, specifically corporate lawyers in Dubai, offering invaluable advice and legal assistance consult with our top corporate lawyers

An Insight into the Sports Industry | Lexology

Sports from couch has undeniably entered every possible household through television. STA Law Firm is home to the best corporate lawyers in Dubai & the UAE. Our legal skill & expertise encompass a broad range of corporate charges including in the sports industry

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Insight into the Sports Industry




Who doesn’t love watching sports sitting in the comfort of their home. But have you ever though of the legalities, behind them all. For competent legal counsel, specifically corporate lawyers in Dubai, offering invaluable advice and legal assistance consult with our top corporate lawyers

Legal Advice | Bespoke Legal Solutions | STA Law Firm

Learn more about STA’s oil and gas practice, interact with our team of lawyers in Dubai, and to connect with our top law firms in Abu Dhabi. Also, learn more about STA’s new offices and lawyers in Sharjah and UAE.

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Oil and gas regulation in the United Arab Emirates: overview



A Q&A guide to oil and gas regulation in the United Arab Emirates.
The Q&A gives a high-level overview of the domestic oil and gas sector, rights to oil and gas, health safety and the environment, sale and trade in oil and gas, tax and enforcement of regulation. It covers the transfer of rights; transportation by pipeline; environmental impact assessments; decommissioning; waste regulations and proposals for reform.

Tips for a Cost-Effective Business Setup in Dubai


Company incorporation in Dubai and across the World and compliance with respective laws of every country is ever-changing. One cannot solely assume that he/she is aware of the regulatory landscape. Company formation in Dubai and procedures for company incorporation in Sharjah will not be same as Company incorporation in Sharjah. Especially with anti-money laundering and banking regulations becoming stricter in Asia and Europe, detailed and precise understanding of these statutes and procedures surrounding them becomes necessary. Business setup in Dubai, registering a business in Hong Kong for instance, and obtaining a business license in China are heavily regulated. Besides, opening up of bank accounts today involves several formalities. Likewise, a right understanding of shareholding structures, taxation, corporate governance, management rights and type of legal structures call for attention.

Talk to Known Advisors or Lawyers in UAE

Ensure that the lawyers in Dubai or consultants you are dealing with are aware of every information when dealing with company formation matters. Be sure that they liaise directly with governmental authorities and bodies to obtain necessary information. Most firms render free advice and offer cogent information which is useful, timely and beneficial. Full practice law firms can cover wider areas including corporate laws, trademark registration in Dubai, advice on corporate governance, commercial law, and other related matters.

Getting the Right Information

Company formation in the UAE, as a matter of fact, can be challenging given that the UAE offers several options to investors in deciding the type of entity they wish to choose. There are millions of websites claiming to provide company incorporation in the UAE, but the author urges investors to carry out a detailed check on businesses providing business formation services before making or arriving at any decision. A lot of information on these sites is outdated and at times incorrect.

The Growth of Financial Centers

With the expansion of new financial centers like Abu Dhabi Global Markets (the ADGM), Istanbul Financial Centre, and others, investors can buy peace of mind by avoiding stringent and complex central bank regulations. These financial centers allow investors to own 100% shares and further enable them to obtain a license in financial services activity.

Tracking New Regulations

The Companies Law in every jurisdiction gets updated on regular basis and companies house (or registrar of entities, commercial department or similar authority) issue directives and circulars on a daily basis. Keeping track and understanding the new regulations is extremely crucial for any business.

As you can see, there are some tips that you can use to ensure a cost-effective business setup in UAE. It is critical that you follow this type of information and your plan of activities to make sure that you are staying on task.

Aircraft Mortgages – Aviation Lawyers in Dubai

Always dreamed of flying in the lap of luxury in your own private jet or speeding between your home and office in style with a helicopter?

If your budget doesn’t budge, don’t worry – aviation mortgage is not as complicated as it looks.

Read this article on goo.gl/cKBm7X and find out how financing your own aircraft is as smooth as your last flight…