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The Federal Law Number 20 of 2016 Concerning Mortgaging of Movable Properties as Security for Debts (the New Law) is an achievement towards the UAE government’s drive to get positive changes UAE’s home advance law. In parallel to the present laws on business associations and on bankruptcy, the New Law tries to oblige a dynamically certain an ideal cash related organization in the UAE. The New Law traverses any boundary and may achieve giving the business opportunity to profit by financing and moneylenders to ensure their excitement by a secured kind of security. The dire change that the New Law adds to is the ability to make a pledge over moveable assets without the need to trade the possession to the mortgagee or another pariah. The law going before this one anticipated that mortgagors would trade the responsibility for the mortgagee. The restricted the mortgagor from expanding favorable energy from the property, thusly constraining the proprietor or obligor from repaying the measure of the credit. The New Law, thusly, liberates of this piece and thinks about home credits to be made over versatile property without the need to trade proprietorship from the mortgagor to the mortgagee.

What constitutes assets?

Article 3 of the New Law decides adaptable assets that can be sold (swore) to consolidate stores in banks, unrefined stock and things, mechanical assemblies and equipment, and anything is possible from that point. Article 2 more particularly gives that the New Law may apply to any amenable and business trades that make a benefit to promise over adaptable assets by the courses of action of the New Law.

Security Register

Article 10 of the New Law has set out the conditions of enrolling a home credit. A security eagerness by the technique for the home credit may simply be made and affected by convenient property for pariahs if it has been enrolled in the Register. By and by, the system of enlistment is cloudy and more unpretentious components on the issue is pending until the point that the entry of a Cabinet Resolution developing the Security Registry. Further, Article 10(2) clears up that once a home credit right has been made on a sold property and was articulated by the courses of action of the New Law, no resulting home advance right may be made on the same sold property unless through declaration thereof. This game plan, close by Article 17, licenses selection of situating charges on the Security Registry. This need in the situating ought to be controlled by the date and time of enrollment of the guarantee in the Security Registry.

Another reason where the New Law benefits over the old organization is that of the New Law mulling over the future property to in like manner be secured by making the agreement over it. This move is lauded by credit authorities who have included comfort at the period of extending security to the obligors. to peruse more about the selling of portable resources in UAE.

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Cloud Computing



In spite of the fact that specialist organizations make distributed computing frameworks to serve and advantage ordinary business or research needs, it gives a period of unconventionality to worldwide duty laws to take after this track of virtual cloud which makes it a snag to the organizations and the assessment organization.

The essential issue that emerges out of this circumstance is the exchange valuing. Exchange evaluating is the estimating for which, merchandise and ventures are sold and purchased by related organizations globally inside an endeavor. The cost forced by one gathering to a related element for administrations gave.

For instance, if a backup organization in Australia pitches products or administrations to a parent organization in the USA, the cost of those merchandise paid by the parent organization to the auxiliary organization is the exchange cost.

Each business that executes universally (or; for all intents and purposes) with related substances, the exchange evaluating rules and the standards of a safe distance and perpetual foundation are of incredible importance in such exchanges.

For money charge direction, multinational partnerships must keep in account the exchange valuing rules and dispense their worldwide benefits among the different nations in which they work. The perfect assignment would allow each state to assess a fitting part of the citizen’s aggregate pick up while staying away from tax assessment of a similar pay by more than one state.

The exchange valuing rules influence benefits and misfortunes among related elements of an undertaking that is in partitioned locales; in this manner, each business that executes universally with related substances of industry must consider the exchange estimating rules.

Notwithstanding, the administrations worldwide are losing significant duty income as organizations designate the benefits to a foundation in a low-charge or a zero-impose ward.

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Legal Update: The New Law Number 4 of 2016 on the Dubai Economic Security Centre – STA Law Firm

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New UAE Law Combatting Financial Crimes and Illegal Activities – STA Law Firm

The Law Number 4 of 2016 on Dubai Economic Security Centre aims to combat financial crimes and illegal activities within Dubai. The law will maintain the status of Dubai as a financial centre, maintain financial stability, investor protection, and curbing negative trends and crimes that would harm and/or jeopradize the economy of Dubai.

Who is Liable to Pay when Circumstances for Construction Change? – STA Law Firm

The pillar of good faith creates an obligation on the parties to cooperate in achieving a sense of contractual objectives on standards of integrity and honesty in conduct. To learn about the obligations the parties face under unforeseen circumstances, follow STA Law Firm, Dubai 

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Liability of Payment due to Construction Change – STA Law Firm


Construction contract could be entered into place by 2 parties but due to some unfortunate event, there could be a reason for the contract to be quashed. In such a contract, there are chances that both parties deny to pay the price and the legal formalities are taken into consideration to understand who is actually liable in such circumstances. The laws in the Middle East have covered all such probabilities that could befall a contract in the region. To know more, continue reading the article

Hotel Management Agreements in the UAE – STA Law Firm

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Hotel Management Agreements in the UAE – STA Law Firm


In terms of governing bodies, the UAE hospitality industry is largely governed by the Abudhabi tourism authority and department of tourism and commerce marketing (DTCM) in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively. Continue reading…


Construction Law and the Application of Time – STA Law Firm

In this article, we apply and use the concept of Time, apply it to the Law and the implications of such a marriage in the construction & building industry- STA Law Firm

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Construction Law and the Application of Time-STA Law Firm


Power can not confer to what does not exist. Humankind has needed something to organize and structure his life, so we created time. So that, we using time as a benchmark can keep ourselves in check. It is essential, a social construct, which we live through our entire lives. Continue reading…


Foreign Investment Funds in UAE: Regulatory Overview – STA Law Firm


“There are two times in a man’s life when he shouldn’t speculate: when he can’t afford it and when he can.”

– Mark Twain

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The world of financial markets and investments often induce reserved and divergent responses from the common man. Investing options are often complex due to the regulatory ambiguities of the respective jurisdictions. Therefore, there is a constant need for imparting knowledge and advice, as well as increasing the visibility of such investment products to reduce the intricate and intimidating stigma attached to them. While markets may change for good or for worse, good investing advice will always be beneficial no matter the circumstance.

In a bid to streamline and structure the promotion of foreign funds in UAE, the UAE securities regulator, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) revised the past mutual funds regulation and amendments made thereto (Old Regulations)[i] by enacting the Board of Directors’ Chairman Decision No. 9/R.M of 2016 (MF Regulations). Further, SCA enacted the Promotion and Introduction Regulations (P&I Regulations)[ii], which acts alongside with the MF Regulations to govern the management of mutual and investment funds. This article purports to highlight the pertinent revisions made to the regime of marketing and promotion of foreign funds in the UAE through the implementation of the MF Regulations.

Essentially, the revisions made under the MF Regulations have a substantial impact on the promotion of foreign funds that in the UAE, due to the elimination or limitation of the exclusions of such funds. Under the MF Regulations, the scope of promotion and marketing of a foreign fund has been stated in Article 35 of the said regulations and provides inter alia that no foreign mutual fund shall be promoted within the UAE unless it is registered with SCA and distributed by a locally licensed promoter.[iii] In such cases, the legal representative of the foreign fund must submit an application to the SCA to register the foreign fund on along with supporting documents and statements and enclosed with the prospectus and investment policy of the foreign fund.[iv] If approved, such registration remains valid for a year and will expire on December each year. Further, it should also be renewed before at least one month of expiry.[v]

[i] Board of Directors Resolution No. 37 of 2012 and amended by way of the Board of Directors Resolution No. 13 of 2013

[ii] Chairman Resolution No. 3/R.M of 2017 which came into and came into force on 1 February 2017

[iii] Article 35(1) of the MF Regulations

[iv] Article 35(2) of the MF Regulations

[v] Article 35(3) & 35(4) of the MF Regulations

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What To Know About Hiring Lawyers In Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, as well as throughout the United Arab Emirates, there is an increasing number of foreign business owners and investors that are not just working in the free zones to develop their businesses, but also living in the Emirate and the city.

This can create a problem for these ex-pats living in the UAE. Many are not aware of the different legal issues that can occur both as business owners as well as in their personal lives. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding or lack of understanding of the laws, as well as the confusion about the legal system, also makes it different for foreigners to find lawyers in Abu Dhabi that have the expertise, experience and professional knowledge to effectively provide representation.
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Tenancy Law of Abu Dhabi and its Amendments – STA Law Firm

Articles on Arbitration in Dubai & UAE, Banking, UAE Criminal Law & Extradition, Dubai Property Law, Trademarks and IP, Aviation by Lawyers in Dubai – STA

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Tenancy Law Amendments – Abu Dhabi


Leaky faucets, windows that don’t open, cracked paint, and on top of all that noisy neighbors. I got a headache from just writing that. Let alone actually experiencing it. Those are smaller and more simple complications between a landlord and their tenant. Should there be bigger legal complications our #AbuDhabi #lawyers can assist you. Continue reading to understand more on the law that governs this sector…