What’s the deal with DIFC Courts?

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The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is located in the heart of Dubai. Close to the city’s downtown area, it is considered one of the most prosperous areas in one of the most prosperous nations. Big business, big bucks, and high-end food. The DIFC has made a name for itself since beginning operations in 2004. In 2006, the DIFC established its own court system which was able to hear cases from companies set up in the DIFC. However, since 2011, the courts have opened themselves up to hearing cases from persons and businesses outside the DIFC. So I’m sure you know something about the DIFC Courts, but you’re not quite sure how they work. Keep reading to learn more about DIFC Property Law.

The DIFC Court is a common law court system; that is to say, it practices English law and runs from the DIFC in Dubai. What makes…

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I thought it was all about competition?

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What is a non-compete clause? Why is there one in your contract with your employer? What are the implications of this clause? All these questions and more can be answered in the article by our Top Lawyers in UAE entitled Non-Compete Clause Under UAE Labor Law.

Non-compete clauses are put in place to protect a company’s business. That is to say, when you, the employee work with your employer, the work you are doing is for the firm. When you leave that business, there is a genuine likelihood that you will have a good professional relationship with at least some of the clients, which you would like to continue. However, is this fair to the company which you were doing work for? In the eyes of that company, their business is being stolen away from them.
The most common type of non-compete clause prohibits an individual from working in the…

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The Quietest of Booms – Whistleblowing

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Whistle-blowing is the practice of releasing confidential documents to expose an unlawful or unethical behavior undertaken by an individual, group of individuals, corporation, or government. We’ve all heard of the infamous cases. Those who leak political documents often end up ostracized, imprisoned, or otherwise sought after or exiled. At the very least, public opinion on those individuals is torn. Some believe that the information released by whistleblowers is essential if it protects the public interest. Others see the act of whistleblowing as an act which violates confidentiality and therefore is wrong. Read more about this and much more with our team of top lawyers in UAE in our article entitled Whistle-Blowing – A Silent Noise.

The prevailing thought about whistleblowers is that they are simply releasing confidential information on a whim, without taking into account the steps taken to reach that point. Did that person try to address that issue…

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Torch Tower Ablaze in Dubai Marina — What Now?

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When the “Torch Tower” is set ablaze, and no one believes that the fire has started, there is an impressive feeling of irony. Fortunately, there were no casualties in this Dubai Marina incident which began late into the evening of Thursday 3 August, but what are the legal implications of events like this?

A decade after the enactment of Dubai Law Number 27 of 2007 Concerning Ownership of Jointly Owned Properties in the Emirate of Dubai (the Strata Law), the implementation of this legislation is still a bit fuzzy. One of the hardest parts of the law to understand is the liability for defects and other issues which may arise after the developer’s 10-year liability period has elapsed. As a homeowner in a freehold community, you may also feel unclear on what the state of insurance on your building is. You might not even know who has an obligation to…

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Thinking of Bailing Someone Out? Think Harder

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In TV shows, we see bail as something trivial. Something which is granted to the protaginist in order to further the plot of the show. But have you ever thought to consider the legal ramifications in the event that the person who has been granted bail flees, fails to show up to their court date, or otherwise acts in contempt of the court? Well, you might want to think about these in the event that any criminal case is raised against someone you know and may bail out. What happens to the assets that you have put up as a guarantee that that person will not flee, if they have fled? Read more about the Liabilities of the Bail Guarantour under the UAE Criminal Law with our team of top lawyers in the UAE.

First thing is first, the reason people are so eager to be granted bail is because…

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Buying and Selling Debts — To the Environment?!

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Not one of us has not heard about the decaying environment. The countries with the smallest “carbon footprint” are regarded as better, regardless of how large their environmental sector is. While the commonly held belief is that consumer use of exhaustible natural resources, it is not so; it is primarily manufacturing industries that are responsible for carbon emissions, though we try to deal with each class of users regarding preserving the environment. Continue reading to learn more about the Laws Surrounding Carbon Credits.

For consumer use of exhaustible natural resources, we try to mitigate carbon emissions in several ways. The most obvious of which is taxation. Taxing excessive use of resources which produce carbon emissions is an effective way of limiting those emissions.

In the case of producers, we can take the example of a car manufacturer. A car manufacturer has an obligation to ensure that their product limits carbon…

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Foreign Judgments — Worth it?

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Cross-border disputes happen all the time. Whether it is between corporations working with each other across the Atlantic Ocean, or someone committing a crime in one country, fleeing to another country. In any event, governments themselves need to have regulations in place which all them to effectively manage legal issues as they may arise. This can take some forms, including extradition, execution of foreign judgments, and so forth. No one wants to get a ruling in their home country which means nothing in the country they want to execute! For that reason, you must have an appropriate understanding of what the legal process will lead to, before deciding to start court proceedings. Join our team of top lawyers in UAE as we discuss Cross-Border Crime and Extradition according to UAE Criminal Law.

In the case of a criminal offense in which the individual in question must be extradited back to…

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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs or SPCs) in the Middle East

pecial Purpose Companies or Special Purpose Vehicles (the SPCs or SPVs) are temporary companies set up to achieve a precisely structured financial operation. SPCs provide an alternative mode of financing transactions. Put simply, they are subsidiary companies of a parent company, whose assets are protected from the actions of the parent company. In short, they limit financial risk to the property of the SPC. Learn more on SPVs in the Middle East from STA’s team of Lawyers in Dubai