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Patent Registration in Dubai and UAE

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Protect your Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights in UAE

Do you have a great business idea? Do you wish to protect your ideas? Did you know that many people think that it is possible to patent your idea? The fact, however, is that patents only protect inventions that are capable of industrial exploitation. Trade secrets and individual ideas cannot be protected under patent law.

Are you a new startup or have developed an interesting that will create a buzz in the community? Are you about to launch a digital platform for crowdsourcing, auctioning or similar other business? Are you being approached by sharks and investors desiring to invest in your business project in UAE? Do you wish to know or in fact, register patent in UAE?

Read this interesting article from our Lawyers in Dubai to understand more about patent registration in UAE. Continue reading more on patent law in UAE here.



Tips For Trademark Registration In Dubai – Top Level Legal

  For all types of companies and businesses in the UAE, having a trademark that clearly identifies the business is critical to start branding and building a business. In Dubai, as well as throughout the UAE, trademark registration follows a specific process that is different than many business owners not familiar with the system will …

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Tips for Trademark Registration in Dubai – STA Law Firm


Creating a trademark is critical to starting and building a business. In Dubai, as well as throughout the UAE, trademark registration follows a specific process which is different from other countries.


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حقوق الملكية الفكرية – مكتب محاماة في دبي، الإمارات – إس تي إيه

مشورتنا بشأن الملكية الفكرية تتيح لك الوصول إلى خدمة مبسطة من بعض كبار ممارسي الملكية الفكرية في العالم، زوروا موقعنا  

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حقوق الملكية الفكرية – مكتب إس تي إيه للمحاماةالملكية-الفكرية

إن الحفاظ على حقوق الملكية الفكرية الخاصة بالعميل أمر بالغ الأهمية بالنسبة لنا في أسواق الاقتصاد العالمي سواء كانت عبارة عن أفكار جديدة أو عبارة عن مشاركة في نزاع متعدد الأطراف و الجوانب الذي قد يحتاج إلى مستشارين مختصين، لمعرفة المزيد…

Protecting Your Trade Mark in the International Market | Lexology

For companies that operate in the Middle East, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential for protecting intellectual property. By working with a skilled law firm, your organization can preserve its ability to make a profit by memorializing ownership rights over its trade mark-STA Law Frim

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Protecting Your Trade Mark in the International Market – STA Law Firm


Businesses only succeed if they can make a profit. To do so, smart business owners recognize the need to protect their intellectual property from theft and misappropriation. Among the most valuable of a company’s intellectual property assets, of course, is its trade mark. If your organization does business on an international scale, domestic trade mark registration is likely not sufficient to protect your business interests. If you operate in the UAE, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential. Continue reading…

Analysis on Trademark Dilutions in US & EU – STA Law Firm

Understand the concept of trademark dilution in US and EU – bespoke article written by experts from STA Law Firm. 

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An Analysis on Trademark Dilution in US and EU-STA Law Firm


The general concept of trademark dilution revolves around the capacity of a mark to signify a particular source or owner. However, the relative novelty of the concept and variation in law and protection that it offers raises considerable uncertainty among trademark holders in a dispute of dilution. Continue reading…


‘Alice’ Through the Looking Glass | Lexology

“Upon filing a patent claim, your job is merely quarter done. Wondering why? Continue reading bespoke article written by our top lawyers- STA Law Firm

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‘Alice’ Through the Looking Glass- STA Law Firm


Try to make up your mind on the answer to one question before commencing your spell-binding read of this article. Continue reading..


The World Wide War of Brands | Lexology

Continue reading this interesting article on World wide war of brands written by our Expert Banking Lawyers in Dubai and overseas.

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The World Wide War of Brands -STA Law Firm


Competitiveness supplements growth; however, rivalry degrades morals. Consult with our top lawyers in Dubai and lawyers in Abu Dhabi and continue reading to find out more.

Trademark Registration in Dubai, RegisterTrademark UAE – STA Law Firm

Trademark Registration in Dubai, Trademark Registration in UAE, Trademark Registration GCC countries, register trademark Dubai, register trademark UAE-STA Law Firm

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Trade mark registration in Dubai- STA Law Firm


A trademark identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service. Before you apply for a trademark, you should familiarize yourself with the basics. Continue reading to learn more about trademark registration in Dubai.


Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs or SPCs) in the Middle East
pecial Purpose Companies or Special Purpose Vehicles (the SPCs or SPVs) are temporary companies set up to achieve a precisely structured financial operation. SPCs provide an alternative mode of financing transactions. Put simply, they are subsidiary companies of a parent company, whose assets are protected from the actions of the parent company. In short, they limit financial risk to the property of the SPC. Learn more on SPVs in the Middle East from STA’s team of Lawyers in Dubai

Юристы по банковскому, финансовому праву и страхованию в ОАЭ – STA

Юридическая фирма STA предоставляет своевременные юридические услуги банкам и финансовым учреждениям, а также посредникам на местном и международном уровне

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Объединенные Арабские Эмираты это действительно уникальная страна, имеющая коммерческую и шариатскую банковские системы. Как это работает? Обратитесь к нашим юристам по банковскому и финансовому праву.