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For companies that operate in the Middle East, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential for protecting intellectual property. By working with a skilled law firm, your organization can preserve its ability to make a profit by memorializing ownership rights over its trade mark-STA Law Frim

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Protecting Your Trade Mark in the International Market – STA Law Firm


Businesses only succeed if they can make a profit. To do so, smart business owners recognize the need to protect their intellectual property from theft and misappropriation. Among the most valuable of a company’s intellectual property assets, of course, is its trade mark. If your organization does business on an international scale, domestic trade mark registration is likely not sufficient to protect your business interests. If you operate in the UAE, trade mark registration in Dubai is essential. Continue reading…


The World Wide War of Brands | Lexology

Continue reading this interesting article on World wide war of brands written by our Expert Banking Lawyers in Dubai and overseas.

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The World Wide War of Brands -STA Law Firm


Competitiveness supplements growth; however, rivalry degrades morals. Consult with our top lawyers in Dubai and lawyers in Abu Dhabi and continue reading to find out more.

Trademark Registration Guide – Middle East – STA Law Firm

Articles on Arbitration in Dubai & UAE, Banking, UAE Criminal Law & Extradition, Dubai Property Law, Trademarks and IP, Aviation by Lawyers in Dubai – STA

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Trademark Registration Middle East


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