Court Uncourt | STA Law Firm: Volume III, Issue V (English Edition) eBook: STA Law Firm, STA Law Firm: Kindle Store

Court Uncourt | STA Law Firm: Volume III, Issue V (English Edition) eBook: STA Law Firm, STA Law Firm: Kindle Store

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Court Uncourt : Volume III Issue V


In this issue of the STA Law Newsletter, the lawyers of STA Law talks about diverse topics relating to media law, corporate liability, private quite as well as the agency law in the country of Russia



Be Aware, else Beware | Lexology

STA’s team of expert criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other offices will continue to deliver engaging and relevant legal information.

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Be Aware, else Beware- STA Law Firm


Pronounced political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes once stated that ignorance of the law was not a good excuse since everyone is bound to take notice of the laws so subjected. If ignorance of law is no excuse, then is every person supposed to graduate out of law schools? No, the acuity of the principle “ignorantia juris nonexcusat “lies in the fact that the acts which constitute a crime should be known to everyone alike and should be profoundly set out in the law. Therefore, if there is no text stating a prescribed penalty for a particular act, the judge cannot consider that act as a crime. Continue reading…..


Cargo Claims in UAE – STA Law Firm

Article on Cargo Claims in UAE by STA’s team of lawyers in Dubai and lawyers in Abu Dhabi- STA Law Firm

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Cargo Claims in UAE- STA Law Firm



Cargo claims remain the most confused types of claims by the parties to the contract if carriage; parties are unaware of both the legal and practical reasons for claiming and the international legal implications when doing so. A failure in the cargo claims systems can prejudice economies from fulfilling their basic function of promoting trade. The STA maritime team has been advising carriers and other parties on their business activities and has expertise in assisting the marine businesses in the jurisdiction.

Company Formation in Jordan | Global Company Formation Experts | STA | Offices across Middle East, Asia & Europe – STA Law Firm

Company Formation in Jordan | Company Incorporation in Jordan | Experts at Jordan Business Registration, Corporate Bank Account Opening, Legal Services and Tax | Offices across Middle East, Asia, and Europe | Lawyers in Dubai

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Company Formation in Jordan | STA Law Firm


Numerous international companies and domestic investors have established themselves in Jordan due to their strategic location – ideally located between the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The country’s attractive investment schemes and investor-oriented procedures have elevated the country’s economy over the past years. To know more about setting up a company in Jordan, continue reading…

Company Formation in Dubai Science Park – STA Law Firm

Dubai Science Park boasts robust infrastructure and customs facilities such as laboratories that are equipped with ventilation. Read more to learn. STA Law Firm | International Law Firm | Free Zone Company Formation | Best Lawyers in Dubai 

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Company Formation in Dubai Science Park | STA Law Firm 


Dubai Science Park is the first Freezone in the region that dedicated to the entire value chain of the science sector. Find out how to start your company in in Dubai Science Park with our top Lawyers. 

FIDIC in the Middle East – The Must Knows for Industry Players | Lexology

If you are an Industry player, you must read this article…It has everything about FIDIC in the UAE- STA Law Firm

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FIDIC in the Middle East – The Must Knows for Industry Players


The UAE industry has seldom been ignorant to internationally set standards- that in more than one ways. Originally established as an organization by three founding countries Belgium, France, and Switzerland- today FIDIC, which is an abbreviation for the French acronym “Federation Internationale Des Ingenious Conseils” meaning the International Federation of Consulting Engineers represents an international standard for the construction and consulting industry. Continue Reading….

Trademark Infringement in India – Lawyers in Dubai

The owner of a Trademark could sue any person or company that copies the trademark and can be compensated for the damages it could have cost him. Follow STA Law Firm to know more about the liabilities of infringing a Trademark

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Trademark Infringement – STA Law Firm


Any symbol, word or label that is used to represent a Company is known as a Trademark. If the same trademark has been copied by some other company, the owner of the trademark could sue the person who has copied the trademark and be compensated. Continue reading to know about the legalities surrounding trademark infringement in India.

Legal Update: The New Law Number 4 of 2016 on the Dubai Economic Security Centre – STA Law Firm

STA is an international law firm with the top lawyers in Abu Dhabi who have the specialized expertise to serve your legal needs. Please contact us for more details.

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UAE Law Tackling Financial Crimes And Illegal Activities- STA Law Firm

Aiming to maintain the status of Dubai as a financial centre, the new law extends to mainland and freezones to combat financial crimes and illegal activity.

Speedy Criminal Justice in Dubai’s Legal System – STA Law Firm

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai
Top Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

William E. Gladstone once said in a public gathering that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’ But neither the person nor the concept was new to the anxious crowd. Regarding the person, Mr. Gladstone has served as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom more times than any anyone else. And regarding the phrase, the cumbersome process and delay in obtaining judgments have been an age-old issue in the litigation arena. Both the former and the latter had an enduring effect on the minds of the crowd present at that gathering.

Since we all know the reason of the former, let’s try and understand the importance of the term ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’ It is not because courts do not provide equitable judgments or fail to exercise its authority to implement the rights of the people. But it is due to the time taken by the courts to pronounce these equitable judgments to enforce the rights of the citizens. Therefore, even a fair and just decision from the court may deny a party of his right due to the procedural delay in adjudication.

A unique characteristic of the law is its ability to be general as well as abstract. Hence, the law applies to everyone without any discrimination and therefore, in legal proceedings that require the separation of the case there is no difference between a case and another unless within the law. However, the adverse effects of lengthy and multiple litigation proceedings on the status quo of the matter(s) in both civil and criminal cases are common knowledge to us.

Source: Speedy Criminal Justice in Dubai’s Legal System – STA Law Firm

Careful Conscious – A look at Bahrain’s Criminal Law – STA Law Firm

STA’s team of Criminal Lawyers in Bahrain present an article outlining the law surrounding murder, and its legal implications under Bahrain’s Criminal Law- STA Law Firm | Top Law Firm in Dubai | AUH | Middle East

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Careful Conscious- A look at Bahrain’ Criminal Law


This issue is controversial due to the implications and consequences of the actions of said offender. it is regularly debated as to whether the degree of consciousness should be disregarded and the punishment for murder should be unified. Continue reading..